Susan Weier

Position title: Security and Systems Analyst, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Portrait of Susan Weier

Susan Weier has worked in IT for over 20 years and currently occupies a security role at the College of Letters and Science at UW-Madison. Starting as a programmer/analyst, she has worked through positions in computer lab management, instructional technology consulting, web design, and system administration. About eight years ago, security was added to her job description and gradually took over. As the College’s security officer, Susan represents L&S on security, IT policy, and IT communication committees. She works closely with individual IT staff and IT support units in the College to implement best practices in security tools and practices. Susan holds a Master’s degree from the iSchool at UW-Madison, where she honed essential skills for problem-solving, critical thinking, data classification, and documentation. She enjoys the vast and diverse IT landscape in the College of Letters & Science and considers herself an advocate for decentralized IT support frameworks.

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