Heather Stratford

Position title: Founder and CEO, Stronger International Inc.

Portrait of Heather Stratford

Heather Stratford—Stronger International, Inc. founder and CEO—is a thought-leader in the Cybersecurity field. She runs a global cybersecurity firm focused on education and consulting. Stronger partners with the largest players in the industry and also has developed their own technologies to change the industry and positively affect cyber education world wide. Heather regularly speaks about Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Failing Forward, Women in Technology, and Creating a Cybersecurity Culture. She has a passion for encouraging more women and diversity within the cybersecurity industry.

In 2019, Heather became a national Tory Burch Fellow with the Tory Burch Foundation. The same year, she also received a National Goldman Sachs scholarship to participate in the 10,000 small businesses program, earning a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Babson College. In 2018, Heather received the Women in Business Leadership Award from Whitworth University.

Presentation: The FitBit economy: Microlearning and culture change

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