Stephanie Tanner

Position title: Information Security Manager, Florida Department of Transportation

Portrait of Stephanie Tanner

Stephanie Tanner is the Information Security Manager at the Florida Department of Transportation. She has 27 years’ experience with the Department, starting with Tech Support and encompassing Technical Writing, IT Training and Education, implementation of the FDOT Project Development Methodology, and Enterprise Project Management. Stephanie is a graduate of Florida State University and received a Bachelor of Management in 1991, followed by a Master of Business Administration in 1992. She is also a certified Project Management Professional.

Stephanie became a telecommuter before it was cool, when an out-of-state move, along with an open-minded manager, allowed her to work from home starting in 1999. Stephanie has been involved in projects statewide in the financial, administrative, and operational arenas, and is fascinated by the variety of technology utilized by the Department. As the ISM, she is focused on expanding the workforce allocated to Information Security, working with the Department’s traffic and transportation related teams to better secure the Department’s operational technology, implementing Enterprise-Level projects that further protect the Department, and educating the workforce to make intelligent risk-based decisions for themselves and their offices.

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