Bill Nash

Position title: Chief Information Security Officer, Wisconsin Department of Administration

Portrait of Bill Nash

Bill Nash is the Chief Information Security Officer for the State of Wisconsin. Bill has 30 years of information technology (IT) experience in the areas of application development, infrastructure support, and security. He develops, maintains, and oversees IT security programs across Wisconsin state agencies. Bill is responsible for security communications, applications, and infrastructure, including the security requirements for strategy, operations, and budget for protecting enterprise information assets. He also oversees security operations that detect, report, contain, and mitigate incidents that impair data and infrastructure security. Bill leads the Wisconsin Cyber Response Teams, which support cyber incident responses by local governments in Wisconsin. He produced the State of Wisconsin’s first enterprise security strategy and roadmap based on agencies’ business needs, risks, and opportunities. Bill was also the recipient of the Thomas M. Jarrett Cybersecurity Conference Scholarship due to his dedication and leadership in the cybersecurity field.

Presentation: You have been hit by a cyber attack: What do you do?

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