Past presenters

As we enter our 20th-year we are excited to sharpen your cybersecurity skills. Cybersecurity Forward, formerly Lockdown, has provided a wide variety of expert presentations throughout the years. In 2019 we also added a track to support beginners.

Thank you to all of those who were able to attend throughout the years. We can’t wait to virtually see you and all of the new attendees this year.

Memorable moments

Hunter Ely

Position title: SLED Security Strategist, Palo Alto Networks

Next-Generation Risk Management: Achieving Compliance With NIST

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Ben Hagen

Position title: Head of Corporate Information Security, Facebook

Securing Your World – Opportunities To Change Your World By Making It Safer

Kashmir Hill

Position title: Technology Reporter, The New York Times

Martin Holste

Position title: Chief Technical Officer for Cloud, FireEye

An Anatomy Of A Cloud Hack: Detecting And Responding To Adversaries In The Cloud
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Tara Hughes

Position title: Manager of Admin Services, California State University Channel Islands

You’re All A Bunch of Phonies! Imposter Syndrome And Information Technology

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Brian Reed

Position title: Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

Building Incident Response Scenarios for Insider Threats

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Peter Romness

Position title: Cybersecurity Solutions Lead, US Public Sector, Cisco Systems

Using Analytics To Intuitively Fight Future Cyber Threats

Joel Rosenblatt

Position title: Director of Computer and Network Security, Columbia University

PaIRS: Point Of Contact & Incident Response System – Finding Bad Actors Finding Bad Actors Without Looking At Content

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Heather Stratford

Position title: Founder and CEO, Stronger International, Inc.

Privacy & Security Collide

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