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Cybersecurity Forward

Technology & Cybersecurity Virtual Webinar Series

Wednesdays, June 22‍-July 27,2022 @ Noon

Malicious actors across the globe are working to adapt and evolve their cybersecurity attack tactics. IT professionals cannot stand still—we too must continuously adapt and evolve. And move forward.UW–Madison’s Cybersecurity Forward reflects our own relentless drive: To share the essentials, leadership skills, tools and case studies IT and cybersecurity professionals need, at the beginning of their careers and onward. To engage you, with professional expertise from UW System, higher education, government and the private sector. To help us all keep moving forward—at UW–Madison, at our peer higher ed institutions and in the K-12 schools in our communities.

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Present at Cybersecurity Forward

You’ve gone unspoken for too long. Speak out and let your ideas protect the world.

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Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs)

You will receive CPEs for each session you attend. At the end of the series, you will receive a letter with your cumulative CPE credits for the series. Please use the same email address to sign in to all presentations you attend to ensure that you receive full credit for attending.

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Accessibility Note

If you need an accommodation to attend or participate in one of the Cybersecurity Forward presentations, email us at All accommodation requests should be made no later than two weeks prior to the presentation you wish to attend. We will attempt to fulfill requests made after this date, but cannot guarantee they will be met.

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Presentation categories

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How to better use a cybersecurity tool or use tools together.

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How to lead in an organization or project.

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Security tips for the non-cyber security savvy.

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